TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — Michele Wright has a heart for giving back.

Tucson Mom Expands Non Profit

“We try to make the experience really fun. I want the kids to feel special,” said Wright.

When it comes to kids, Wright gets it because she is a mom herself.

“We get a yearly clothing allotment as foster parents. It used to be $300 per year per kid, which is already kind of stretched. Back then, they cut it to $150 per year per kid. It’s that same amount today,” said Wright.

As a foster parent, Wright quickly realized $150 per year per child for clothes was not enough.

“That’s when I was like, ‘Well, I could complain, or I could do something about it,'” said Wright.

Wright’s non-profit, Spreading Threads Clothing Bank, was her way to fix that problem, not only for her kids, but for the thousands of foster, adoptive and kinship children in Southern Arizona. Kids and their caretakers can stop by the warehouse to pick up clothes, shoes, toys, books, school supplies and other necessities free of charge.

“For me, the clothes are great, but I really try to remove any feeling of being in bad situation while they are here,” said Wright.

Spreading Threads Clothing Bank recently doubled in size to serve even more kids. After three years of hard work, Wright doesn’t plan to stop helping others.

“There are other jobs I could do that would pay a lot of money, but I feel like at this point in my life, this is my calling. I’m just going to keep going and going to make it as big as we can make it,” said Wright.

Spreading Threads Clothing Bank is located on 1870 W Prince Rd (Suites 54 and 55) in Tucson. To learn more about the non-profit, call (520) 971-3237 or click here.

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