Arizona Tax Credit: Spreading Threads Clothing Bank

Arizona Tax Credit: Spreading Threads Clothing Bank

Imagine you are 10 years old.

You awaken late one night to shouting.

Police and other strangers are in your living room.

You’re sleepy and confused.

Your little sister is crying.

You are being taken to stay with another family.

Why? How long? You don’t know. Your mother is adamant that you stay, refusing to pack your things. You are led from the scene anyway … with virtually nothing but the clothes on your back.

Many children enter foster care with almost no clothes, shoes, school supplies or special toys, and quickly outgrow items they do bring. Arizona’s $150 annual clothing allowance simply doesn’t cover a growing child’s ordinary needs through the seasons, much less a prom dress or soccer uniform.

Spreading Threads Clothing Bank is a grassroots, nonprofit organization that seeks to fill the gap by providing free clothes and other personal items to foster, adoptive and kinship families in Southern Arizona.

Spreading Threads was founded by me and Michele Bennett, two foster and adoptive moms who have worked for more than a decade providing this much needed service.

Donated clothes and other items are made freely available to foster families every second Saturday and on an emergency basis. Details for donation drop-off locations and upcoming events are posted on

Monetary donations are greatly needed as we grow to meet demand.

• $100 can purchase new clothing racks or bins.

• $500 helps provide one new outfit a month per child.

• $1,000 can help with the overhead of our facility — a space not only for storing and distributing clothes, but a safe space for children and teens to play for an hour while foster parents make those essential connections with other families and support organizations.

Spreading Threads is an Arizona Qualified Foster Care Organization and a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Monetary donations qualify for up to $500 (single) or $1.000 (married) in Arizona Tax Credits and are accepted online or by mail.

Foster children are among our most vulnerable citizens.

They deserve the dignity of wearing items that are clean, well-fitting, and help them feel confident. They deserve new socks, shoes that don’t hurt, and warm outerwear.

At our clothing bank, we are not just spreading threads, but also resources, connections, kindness, dignity and humanity.

Thank you Southern Arizona for your continued support!

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